11th Asia Cup Koi Show 2018

11th Asia Cup Koi Show 2018 in Indonesia.
It is my honor to be a part in this show. Thanks you for your invitation. This is the biggest koi show out of Japan. Together with 41 judges, amazing. 


Grand Champion of  the 11th Asia Cup 
is this Showa

All the Other Champion

Gala Dinner

ZNA Koi Seminar at 11th Asia Cup 2018

This seminar is eligible for both ACJ and LCJ since it is conducted by Mr.Masaaki Takajima, ZNA Japan Chairman. Thanks you to Indonesia team for organizing this seminar.

TKKG members who attend this show and seminar 
1)Mr. Kittiphong Arjsamat     (Team 6 judge)
2)Mr. Chalermpol  Tawatcharaporn  ( Team 7 judge)
3)Mr. Pisit Kasermsup  (Team 6 Trainee)

TKKG We Care Project 6

ZNA Local Certified Judge

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